Campervan Hire - Sleepervans

Looking for the ideal New Zealand Campervan Hire / New Zealand Campervan Rental?

For those that want the ultimate self drive holiday, Sleepervans are a great alternative to New Zealand Campervan hire. DriveNZ has New Zealand sleeper van rentals and super sleepervan options for you.

If your ideal vacation is to roam at your own pace, with no worries about hotel reservations or schedules, then our New Zealand sleepervan rentals (rather than costly 2 berth campervan rentals) will be what you are looking for. Sleepervans are ideal for independent travelers and an ideal alternative to a NZ camper van.

We will deliver and pick up our Sleepervans and other rental vehicles from Auckland and Christchurch airports, or from any location in those two cities.

New Zealand Sleepervan

2 Berth Sleeper Vans

Nissan Vanette or similar vehicle. Room for a mattress (provided) and luggage. The cheapest camper van option

New Zealand Super Sleepervan

2 Berth Super Sleeper Vans

Nissan Vanette or similar vehicle. The Super Sleepervan van includes additional camping equipment and additional luggage space and drawer facilities

Our quality Sleepervans are sure to suit your holiday needs. Our versatile vehicles are spacious, comfortable and clever. Why pay for expensive accommodation and the price of a rental car, or a New Zealand rent camper van, when you can have the best of both worlds with an NZ campervan equivalent from DriveNZ.

Free Camping

New Zealand is a spectacular, clean green country and we respect this and want to keep it this way for all our visitors. For this reason Drivenz does not recommend Free Camping, camping at the side of the road or in areas that have not been designated as Camping areas. We have some really great inexpensive camp sites and provide you our clients with maps and guides for these sites. Please help us keep New Zealand beautiful and utilise these camping grounds. Please be advised that in some areas you will be fined for free camping.